hanging musical toys

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hanging musical toys
Description Does your baby need soothing stimulation?  this toy can be hung on stroller or crib. It is made of different types of cloth to enrich babys sense of touch, also the music is soothing and comforting to baby. many hours of entertainment for baby.


- Color: As the pictures shown.
- Material: Cloth.
- Size: 21 * 20 *8.4cm(L * W * H).
- The toys can be hung on the bed crib or the pram to give your baby more fun.
- The toys are made of cloth with different textures to enrich your baby's sense of touch.
- The mixed colors can stimulate the development of your baby's optic nerve.
- The music and the roller bell can promote the development of your baby's listening ability.
- The bed crib hanging is really a good gift for your baby to adjust his/her emotion and make him enjoy the delight of expressing himself/herself.

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